MC1&MC2 - Ear Clamps

ECLMP Ear Clamps

The design of these are similar to those supplied by OE manufaturers. One big advantage however is that unlike the OE clamp these are universal and cover a wide range of joint sizes. This means the garage only needs to stock 2 sizes.

The clamps are manufactured from Stainless Steel ensuring they won’t corrode and fall off after installation.

Designed to be used with our Ear Clamp Pliers (ECP1).

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£9,999.99 ex VAT

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Part Size
MC1 (small) 19-45mm
MC2 (large) 45-120mm

Please note the ties may need shortening to fit the smaller applications avoiding excessive overlap


- 1 MC1 (small) ear clamp
- 1 MC2 (large) ear clamp

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