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The Importance of choosing the right LSP

01 December,2022 Posted by Admin 4 Comment

Below is an article written by Lifeline Language Services, the company we trust to translate all our documents, about the importance of trusting the Language Service Provider (LSP) that you use.

A look back at … boots.

No, not boots made for walking - CV joint boots. One of the big projects recently was the translation of a load of content about these overlooked pieces of rubber into 27 languages. Our tame in-house engineer spent an hour marking-up the source with translator advice and guidance making sure this project should have been straightforward - right?

Very, very wrong.

We get lots of partner requests from other language service providers (LSPs) and that week we'd had a very promising one so thought we'd try them out. Good website, nice (claimed) references and experience. Plus, we'd be proof-reading the translation anyway - as always - so if there WERE issues we'd catch them.

And boy, were there ever. DESPITE the careful preparation the “translation” bore no resemblance to the source. Sure, it talked about boots - the ones you wear, and the one at the back of the car. But not once about this kind of boot. It was also clearly machine translated and reviewed. Needless to say, we rejected it and had the job re-done elsewhere.

We have the skills in-house to catch such garbage - but most of their clients won't.  

The bottom line is, be very, very cautious in selecting an LSP - and if you can't check the translations yourself, find a reputable one who can - and does - and stick with them. Your local Chamber of Commerce may be able to recommend good ones - or, use someone like us.

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