To some suppliers grease is just grease and it doesn’t matter what is used.
At Bailcast this isn’t the case. 

With the Bailcast name being synonymous for quality the grease used has to match, if not surpass, that supplied by OE manufacturers.
Our CV grease is manufactured from M°S² because we understand that it is this lubricant that will ensure the life of your CV joint.

Use this grease, coupled with one of our stretchy CV boots, and you know you will have many miles of trouble free motoring.

Our grease is available in a tub or sachets. 


Recent Products

Sachet - CV Joint Grease

Manufactured from M°S² and avilable in various different sachet weights.

Tub - CV Joint Grease

This 500g tub ensures you always have high quality M°S² grease readily available.