Ear Clamps

Ear Clamps

Manufactured to a similar design and specification found in OE kits. 
Unlike the OE clamps though these are universal and the 2 sizes cover a wide range of joint sizes.

Manufactured from Stainless Steel they won’t corrode and fall off after installation, unlike cheaper aftermarket clamps that are made from mild steel.
Our design also makes the clamps easier to install. 
- A Front locking tooth ensures the clamp is locked in place prior to tightening.
- 2 rear guide teeth aid the initial clamp alignment and also act as additional locking points when the clamp is squeezed using the ECP1.
- Increased number of holes to ensure all joint sizes are covered.
- Larger locking holes and improved shape.
- Square teeth ensure a tighter fit in the locking holes and also a larger locking surface area.

Designed to be used with our Ear Clamp Pliers (ECP1).

Clamps will fit joints measuring:
(Small) MC1: ø19-45mm
(Large) MC2: ø45-120mm

Kit Contains:
MC1&MC2 - 1 Pair of Clamps

(Pair) MC1&MC2

£2.58  ex.VAT

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ECP1 - Ear Clamp Pliers

The Bailcast Ear Clamp Pliers are designed to be used with the ear clamps (MC1 and MC2) that are supplied with our CV boot kits.

Small - Ear Clamps

Clamps will fit joints measuring:

Small: ø19-45mm

Large - Ear Clamps

Clamps will fit joints measuring:

Large: ø45-120mm